Foresight Construction

Foresight Project Management Services

Our goal is to provide project management services to other firms that are need of our expertise. This will consist of…

  • Project bidding, preconstruction review, and job costing
  • Ongoing project evaluation and client support
  • Develop personal tools for companies to use with their clients in order to provide project services
Foresight Construction

Foresight-Construction Quick
Service Retail

We have extensive experience in providing construction services such as Renovations, Interior fit outs, and new construction.

Foresight Construction

Foresight-Construction Commercial

We have extensive experience in providing all types of construction services. Such clients include large Financial Institutions, Auto part retailers, and large Bowling Alleys.

Foresight Program Management Services

Our success here is predicated on the years of networking that have been done leading up to now. With strong relationships to key leaders in firms such as JLL, Cushman Wakefield, CBRE, and Bureau Veritas our goal will be to provide project management and construction to their key clients. Our understanding of the business model gives us an advantage in that we understand the nuances that come with working with outsourced companies. We essentially become an extension of them and provide value by having foresight into what expectations need to be met, how to be cost effective, and get work done in a timely manner.

Our team can work with your company or general contractor in order to provide program services such as:

  • Large scale national rollouts
  • Multi-site program leadership and delivery
  • On site supervision
Foresight Construction
  • Foresight Construction
  • Foresight Construction

Foresight General Construction

Our team is also well established in providing construction management for many types of construction projects such as:

  • Retail site renovations
  • Economic decommissioning
  • Re-branding due to mergers and acquisition

Foresight Relocation Services

Our team is available to work with your consultants and attorneys in the area of “Eminent-Domain”. Our scope of work will be to provide “like for Like” Accommodations to companies that are displaced due to “Eminent-Domain” projects.

Foresight Construction

Our Approach

Through a focused approach to construction, Foresight-Construction aims to provide valuable long-term relationships. Our business model is to deliver construction projects from start to finish by providing professional services such as project management, program management, and on-site supervision.

Our model focuses on larger corporations that require the expertise of a construction firm capable of handling large-scale rollouts, delivering on multiple projects, and managing all aspects of construction. To comprehend the nuances of construction, our team relies on the expertise of project managers, superintendents, and key personnel.