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We collaborate with you to bring your designs to reality and are prepared to handle anything from relocation projects to brand-new commercial buildings.

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About The Company

Foresight Construction has extensive construction and design expertise. We have designed and built commercial buildings such as freestanding retail, diners, small office buildings, and more for Chino, CA, area businesses in need of a new facility. Our experience also allows us to manage buildouts and tenant improvements.

Future Focused

We are a future-focused construction company that constantly raises the bar to do what is truly best for our customers and to bring fresh, new ideas to an ever-changing marketplace.

100% Commercial

You can rely on us for all your commercial construction services.

Professional Services

Our professional services guarantee success, which is directly measured by customer satisfaction.


We are here to lay solid foundations for buildings and relationships.

Multiple Projects

We manage multiple projects, and the success of your project is our responsibility.

Best Solutions For You

If you own a business in Chino, California, and need a new facility built or expanded to meet your needs, approach Foresight Construction. Foresight Construction is a team of experienced professionals you want to work with. We bring the expertise, experience, and dedication to complete your project at the highest level of quality, and we are equally committed to providing the best customer service possible.

Vision & Mission

Future Focused Building

Foresight Construction will be an industry leader in providing commercial construction services by providing our clients with services focused on the future.
  • Focus on the client’s needs by understanding
    the target outcome
  • Focus on not just today but what could
    happen in the future
  • Focus on talented individuals to
    lead every project

Our Latest Projects

Our projects can range from simple relocation services to quick service retail and new construction.
Foresight Construction

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Are you ready to begin your next project? Our representatives are eager to hear about your concepts, designs, and ideas. Contact us today to discover how we can help you realize your vision.